Registering Your Student

Registering Your Student At Langston High School Continuation Program

In order to register your student at Langston, the following forms need to be filled out and returned to

Online Registration School Form

    • If you are enrolling in Arlington County Public Schools for the FIRST time please follow these online registration instructions.
    • If you choose to register for the FIRST time to Arlington Public Schools in person please provide the following information
      1. Proof of Residency (Out of County)

        • One primary document supporting residency
        • A current lease agreement or deed; or
        • Residency Forms A & B for parents who live with their child in the residence of someone else. APS is temporarily accepting these documents without polarization.
      2. And any  two  of the following supporting documents that show your name and address: Current federal, state or property tax returns; Current payroll or withholding statement; Vehicle registration; Current utility bills; Valid Virginia driver’s license with current address; Documentation of financial assistance from Arlington County.
      3. Proof of student’s age and legal name – an original birth certificate or certified copy translated into English, if necessary.
        • If the birth certificate is not available, families should submit the Proof Of Student Identity and Age Affidavit instead
      4. Valid government-issued identification for the parent – a government-issued ID can only be used to verify identity, not Arlington residency


*Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to complete the downloaded APS Residency & Proof of Student Identity Forms.


Once all documents are received, you will be contacted by the school guidance counselor, Mr. Eddy Matos, to create your student’s class schedule.   If you have any questions or need assistance in completing the forms, please contact one of the following:


Mr Eddy Matos, Counselor, 703-228-8381 (English and Spanish)
Mrs. Nicola Farris, Registrar, 703-228-8399 // (English)
Ms. Sonia Argenal Hernandez, Administrative Assistant, 703-228-5295 //  (English and Spanish)