Registration / Transfer Process for Langston HSC

 In person registration dates are as follows:
1st Semester 23-24 – closed
2nd Semester 23-24 – closed
All students considering a transfer MUST attend an in-person meeting with one of our counselors.
Mr. Matos at / ext. 8381. or Ms. Lippman at /ext. 2116

Please note: Effective January 2024, registration fee is now $20 for every Langston student.

Families seeking a transfer to Langston please reach out to your homeschool counselor to submit a Student Referral (all students must have a Student Referral from their homeschool counselor, including all Gen. Ed, Sped students, EL students). The Student Referral must be filled out by a school counselor or an administrator only to start the transfer process for all students. Once a Student Referral is completed for a student, the student/parent guardian can sign up for a meeting with our counselors at Langston by clicking the link under “Semester Registration Appointments” on Langston’s website.

Any mid semester transfers MUST be approved by the principal, Ms. Jackson-Davis. Any student who is new or returning to APS must go through the school Registrar. Please see our “Registering Your Student” page for the required documentation and contact our school Registrar, Ms. Farris for more information at 703-228-8399.

All SPED students must have a referral submitted followed by an IEP meeting before a student can be considered for a transfer. They should NOT be withdrawn until after the IEP meeting is completed and the IEP documents have been locked by the homeschool Case Carrier. Please contact your school’s SPED departments or student case carrier to set up an IEP meeting. After the IEP meeting is complete, the student (and parent/guardian if the student is a minor) can then attend a meeting at Langston with one of our school’s Counselors and Case Carriers.