Testimonial videos about Langston

We are thrilled to share a glimpse of our new video project at Langston. Together with the Capstone interns from Wakefield High School, we have created wonderful testimonial videos about Langston with the participation of some of our students and their parents. We take pride in providing an alternative path to graduation for students. Langston provides an alternative educational pathway that recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness of each student. Our testimonial videos highlight stories of triumph over challenges, proving that with the right support, every student can achieve their academic and personal goals.

In our new videos, we hope to share our student & parent journeys and perspectives:

• Individualized Support: Langston’s unique approach provides support for each student, acknowledging their needs.
• Academic Triumphs: Hear firsthand how students, who may have sought alternative paths, find success in our inclusive and nurturing environment.
• Personal Growth: Discover stories of personal development and resilience as students share their transformative experiences at Langston.
• Gratitude for Alternatives: Parents express appreciation for Langston’s alternative program, recognizing the positive impact on their children.
• Community Support: Learn how the Langston community rallies around families, creating a supportive network for both students and parents.
• Celebrating Differences: Embrace the diversity of paths to graduation as parents highlight the school’s commitment to recognizing and honoring each student’s unique journey