Meningococcal Booster Vaccine Required

A MenACWY (Meningococcal) booster vaccine is now required by the Commonwealth of Virginia for all students entering the twelfth grade.

MenACWY (Meningococcal) and other vaccines may be obtained at the following locations:

You must provide proof of your child’s MenACWY (Meningococcal) booster vaccination given on or after the 16thbirthday (or medical or religious exemption) to the school clinic before the first day of twelfth grade. Your child will NOT be able to start in-person school or any school activities or athletics without this information. Students attending fully virtual learning are not required to provide proof of immunization. Please let us know your plans for vaccination by contacting your school’s clinic staff with your students’ name and DOB and the following information:

  • My child has already had the MenACWY (Meningococcal) vaccine. I have attached a copy of their current vaccination record or will drop it off at my
  • I will be taking my child to their healthcare provider for the MenACWY (Meningococcal) vaccine and will provide an updated immunization record to the elementary school clinic. The date of the appointment is__________.
  • I will take my child to the Arlington County Immunization Clinic to get

Clinic Contact Information: email as scanned copy to, Ginelle Ferraro, RN : OR BernadetteFerdinando, SHA:

Phone number: 703-228-5390