Testing Calendar

2015-2016 Testing Calendar

September 8-18 SOL Expedited Retakes: Summer Session
October 14 PSAT Testing: 10th & 11th Grade Students
October 19 – November 6 SOL English 11 Writing (seniors needing for Graduation)
November 16 – December 4 SOL English 11 Writing (2nd opportunity for seniors only)
TBD PATS 1st Semester (World Language in levels 1-3)
January 4-8 WISE Financial Literacy Certification Test
January 11-29 SOL End of Course Testing (At-Risk students, students new to Yorktown) Expedited retakes through February 19.
January 11 – March 11 English Language Proficiency Testing: ACCESS for ELLS & Alternate ACCESS for ELLs
February 29 – March 17 SOL English 11 Writing (Multiple Choice and Direct Writing) Includes seniors needing for graduation
TBD National Latin Exam
TBD Stamp Test (All World Language in level 3)
TBD PATS 2nd Semester (World Language in levels 1-3)
April 11-29 SOL End-of-course Testing (seniors only).
May 2-13 AP Exams (Visit www.collegeboard.com for subject dates)
May 18-20 AP Late Testing Dates
May 16 – June 10 SOL End-of-course testing (Expedited Retakes through June 17)
TBD Career Technical Education (CTE) Testing